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AC Installation in Highland Village – 18 SEER Systems


You should contact AC Installation in Highland Village company for professional advice on the type of AC you should acquire and ensure optimal efficiency. An AC system is one of the crucial investments, and you should be careful about it when buying a new AC or replacing an old one.

AC SEER Rating and Cost

Cost and efficiency are critical considerations when buying an AC, and many factors determine the initial and operational cost and efficiency of an AC system.

Seasonal Energy Efficient Ratio, commonly known as the SEER, is one of the critical factors that determine the price of an AC unit – both the initial and operational cost and its efficiency.

Notably, AC efficiency is fundamental to homeowners and regulatory bodies. The U.S government has set the minimum AC SEER requirement at 13. Therefore there are no AC units rated below 13 SEER. Notably, any AC unit with a SEER of 16 and above is considered highly rated and efficient.

In the market, 14-SEER and 18-SEER AC units are the most popular, and an 18-SEER AC is more efficient in energy consumption than a 14-SEER AC

Although the lower SEER rated AC unit is affordable when you consider the buying cost only, it’s pretty expensive in the long run. It uses more energy which translates to higher prices on energy bills each month. If you add up the extra cost over a year, you realize you have paid a few hundreds of dollars more.

On the other hand, if you opted to buy a higher SEER-rated AC and pay a high amount, you will save significantly on energy costs. You will be paying less each month in energy bills since the system is efficient and consumes less energy.

Benefits of 18-SEER AC

It’s worth paying a little higher for a higher SEER-rated AC unit such as 18-SEER. The AC will be energy efficient and will save you on energy bills. When buying an AC system, don’t look at the initial cost only. You should consider the cost of the AC unit’s energy consumption in the long run.

The following are the benefits of 18-SEER AC.

Efficient in energy consumption. Energy cost is always the primary determinant when buying an AC system. If you are worried about the energy bills, then 18-SEER AC should be your best choice. You will save money on energy bills.

Adjustable speed blower. Your house’s indoor conditions vary significantly. To ensure comfortable conditions regardless of the changes, the 18-SEER AC has an automatically self-adjusting speed blower.

Two-level Compressor. 18- SEER AC systems have a two-stage compressor. Based on your house needs, you can choose between high and low.

Uniform house cooling. 18-SEER AC utilizes both the two-level compressor and the adjustable speed blower to ensure uniform cooling of the entire house.

Indoor space humidity control. 18-SEER AC is the best for controlling indoor humidity. By installing one, you and your family will be guaranteed a comfortable indoor temperature.

Considering the above benefits, you should upgrade your AC system to 18-SEER AC.

Maintenance of the High Efficient AC

After installing a high SEER rated AC unit, you need to have it serviced regularly to maximize its efficiency. You should look for Highland Village TX AC Services company to handle your AC unit’s regular maintenance work.

Some of the crucial regular maintenance activities to ensure consistent AC efficiency includes:

  • Cleaning and changing the air filter regularly.
  • Sealing the ducts to avoid leaks
  • Use a thermostat to control when the AC should be on.
  • Cleaning outside your AC unit to remove debris

Why You Need HVAC system Professional Assistance

If you are buying an AC unit for your new house, or you want to replace the old one, then you should buy an 18-SEER AC system. It’s readily available and offers immense benefits to the users. It provides consistent comfort for house occupants and its efficiency in energy consumption.

You get extra comfort and at a lower cost.

The high-rated AC guarantees you comfort and efficiency.  You will save significantly on energy bills, and you will enjoy a more comfortable indoor condition.

The key factors to consider when buying the new AC unit are cost, efficiency, and whether the AC will give you the needed comfort, especially during the hot months of the year.

However, it isn’t easy to purchase a suitable AC unit on your own.  You should consult a professional HVAC system professional who will advise and help you throughout the process.

You can contact Air Repair Pros. As an AC Installation in Highland Village company, we will guide you in choosing and acquiring the best AC unit and servicing it regularly for optimal efficiency.

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