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Heat Pumps in Frisco and the Surrounding Area

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Heat pumps deliver heat to homes and are critical to indoor climate control during cooler months. We are a preferred HVAC vendor and offer the manufacturers’ latest, industry-leading offerings. If you have had issues with your heat pump or are interested in energy-efficient, money-saving options, our professionals at Air Repair Pros are ready to speak with you. Ready to learn more about your heat pump options? Contact our North Dallas area professionals today to learn more about our inventory.

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You can consult us at the Air Repair Pros for your HVAC needs. We highly recommend energy- efficient units that will likely significantly impact your energy bills.

The Air Repair Pros Can Help Upgrade Your System

While we can order any HVAC product that our customers request, we’re familiar with the highest-quality, most reliable options. Contact the professionals at the Air Repair Pros today for more information about your heat pump options. We’re ready to answer questions, assess your property, and help you select the right model.

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Heat Pumps in the Just North Area

Heat pumps in Frisco and surrounding communities are an essential HVAC system component. A heat pump uses refrigeration to cool or heat an indoor space. A heat pump transfers the heat constantly and circulates warm air throughout the home.

When it is cold outside, the pump extracts heat from the outside and moves it inside. Likewise, when it is hot outside, the pump works opposite and works like an air conditioner, which means it will remove heat from your home.

The heat pump has two main components: an outdoor unit like an air conditioner and an indoor air handler. The outdoor unit of the HVAC system has a compressor, which circulates the refrigerant to absorb and release heat while traveling between the outdoor and indoor units.

How Does Heat Pump Work In Air Conditioning Mode?

It is essential to install the heat pump carefully to function correctly. The heat pump maintains cool and comfortable temperatures while reducing the humidity level inside the home. A motorized fan pulls warm air from the indoor space into the ductwork.

A compressor then circulates the refrigerant between the outdoor condensing and indoor evaporator units. The warm air travels to the air handler—the refrigerant from the outside condenser coil to the inside evaporator coil. Likewise, the refrigerant absorbs the warm air or heat while passing over the indoor air.

How Does The Pump Work In Heat Mode?

People use heat pumps in the North Dallas area because it is a region that experiences milder winters. However, the heat pump technology has allowed the HVAC system to be used in communities such as Frisco, which sometimes faces extended periods of subfreezing temperatures.

Heat pumps will switch from the AC mode by running the refrigeration cycle in the reserve direction. It means the indoor unit works as the condenser and the outdoor coil as the evaporator. The refrigerant will flow through refrigeration lines between the indoor and outdoor units. Although the temperature outside is cold, the refrigerant absorbs enough heat from the outside air and transfers it inside.

The motorized fan pulls air from the indoor space into the ductwork, then pumps the refrigerant from the interior coil to the exterior coils. Here, it absorbs heat energy from the air. Next, it pushes the warm air through connecting ducts to air vents in your home to increase the temperature.

Heat Pumps Troubleshooting

If your heat pump does not provide enough cooling in the summer or heating in the winter, your system may have problems. Common issues associated with heat pumps include:

No Defrosting

Typically, the heat pump switches periodically to air conditioning mode for a couple of minutes. It heats the coils located outside to melt any frost or ice. If the system is not defrosting, it may build up ice too quickly due to faulty sensors, controls, and relays. The issue may also occur due to problems with the reverse valve, which switches the heat pump from heat to air conditioning mode.

Regarding troubleshooting, the Air Repair Pros have qualified and experienced technicians who will properly maintain the heat pump’s outdoor coil by cleaning it thoroughly, particularly during the cold winter months. You can help by keeping away leaves and branches from the device.

Low Refrigerant and Outdoor Fan Issues

If the heat pump system leaks refrigerant, it will cause slow charging, which means the system won’t produce enough heat. As a result, it may not melt the frost properly and may not achieve set temperatures. Our trained technician will fix the leak, test the repair, and fully charge the HVAC system with the correct amount of refrigerant.

If the fan motor is damaged, it can fail to function appropriately, impeding the release of the heat from the unit and causing ice to accumulate. Our technician will look for electrical connection shortages or other problems and fix the system accordingly.

Blocked Outdoor Unit

Sometimes, snow accumulates around the outdoor unit, causing more icing due to the impeded airflow. Water leaking onto the unit is another problem that can form a layer of ice on the top. Regarding heat pumps in Frisco and surrounding communities, you need qualified repair and maintenance services like the Air Repair Pros to maintain your HVAC system professionally.

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