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Commercial HVAC Maintenance in McKinney TX – Tune-Ups

Regular commercial HVAC maintenance in McKinney TX is essential for optimal performance and extended life of the system. An HVAC system is an integral component of any business facility and keeps the environment comfortable throughout the year.

For instance, it keeps your employees warm during the cold winter months and cools during the hot summer months. It also saves money on energy bills and keeps your employees healthy, safe, and comfortable by maintaining the workspace environment.

Commercial HVAC Maintenance in McKinney TX

Every employee wants to feel comfortable at the workplace. With preventative Commercial HVAC Maintenance in McKinney TX offered by Air Repair Pros, you can feel confident that our technician has gone over the checklist and identified potential issues.

Likewise, our technician will recommend solutions and implement different methods to optimize the system. Air Repair Pros’ technicians perform various tasks during the HVAC tune-up in McKinney TX. These include:

  • Cleaning or replacing filters
  • Cleaning the evaporator coils
  • Cleaning the condenser
  • Cleaning drain lines to maintain proper airflow
  • Clearing drain pans of standing water
  • Replacing worn and damaged belts or pulleys
  • Inspect the ductwork for dirt, dust, debris, and mold
  • Check humidity levels
  • Inspect refrigerant charge
  • Test the system’s thermostat
  • Change batteries
  • Check fan motors

Before our during the winter season, Air Repair Pros’ qualified technician will inspect the furnace system and ensure it works properly. Our technician will replace air filters on heating equipment, check the ignition burner assembly, and perform other tasks, such as:

  • Check the heat exchanger
  • Test the flue system
  • Inspect the gas furnace for gas leaks
  • Evaluate or measure the gas pressure
  • Check belts and pulleys
  • Clear drain lines and pans
  • Lubricate bearings, motors, and other moving parts
  • Check electrical, connections, controls, and thermostat
  • Inspect the heat fun and check fan and blower

Longer System Lifespan

Commercial HVAC Maintenance in McKinney TX offers small business owners a wide range of benefits. Buying a brand new cooling or heating system is expensive for many small businesses. Therefore, it is wise to invest in Air Repair Pros’ Commercial HVAC Maintenance in McKinney TX to ensure the already installed system works optimally.

The average lifespan of an HVAC system is between 10 and 15 years. However, if you want to prolong the system’s life, make sure you hire our Commercial HVAC Maintenance in McKinney TX. That way, you can run the system for a long time without worrying about its overall lifespan or risk of damages.

Fewer System Breakdowns

Business owners often feel stressed when unexpected situations occur. For example, when the system breaks down during the night shift, your workers will feel uncomfortable. Finding the best emergency repair service is daunting.

However, if you want to prevent unexpected or emergency repairs, you must take Commercial HVAC Maintenance in McKinney TX, seriously. That way, you can reduce the risk of emergency system breakdowns.

During HVAC tune-up in McKinney TX, our technician will inspect the system and check for issues. The purpose is to fix more minor problems before they become costly issues or complications. Thus, you can keep and operate the system in optimal working order.

Reduced Costs

The bottom line of any small business is to save money and generate higher returns on investments. The indoor space environment plays a critical role in streamlining business operations.

However, when you fail to perform an HVAC tune-up in McKinney TX, the system will consume more energy without keeping the indoor environment healthy and comfortable.

Remember, this can take a massive toll on your employees’ productivity and deteriorate your business operations. Not only will you end up paying more on expensive repairs, but you will also spend more on your energy bills every month.

So, if you want to save on operating costs and prevent breaking the bank, we recommend hiring Air Repair Pros’ HVAC tune-up in McKinney TX. Regular inspections identify more minor issues and fix them immediately.

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Air Repair Pros is a reputable HVAC repair and maintenance company in McKinney, TX. Our professional team proudly serves McKinney businesses. We are a NATE-certified company with years of experience in HVAC tune-up in McKinney TX.

In addition, our team services all makes and models of HVAC systems. Contact us if you seek HVAC repair, maintenance, replacement, and relevant services. Our company looks forward to the opportunity of becoming your preferred contractor. Call us today for more information on our Commercial HVAC Maintenance in McKinney TX.

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