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HVAC Products

Sometimes replacement rather than repair is the best option for your HVAC issue. Upgrading your HVAC system to offer your system greater efficiency, longevity, and even help save on your energy bills. The Air Repair Pros offer a variety of different HVAC products to help keep our customer’s systems modern, reliable, and long-lasting.
If you believe it’s time for an upgrade to your HVAC system, our friendly professionals are ready to hear from you. The Air Repair Pros are not only a respected HVAC service provider in Frisco but we are an Energy Star Partner and a preferred vendor for most major air conditioning brands. To learn more about our available products, contact our knowledgeable team today.
We’re ready to walk you through the purchase of reliable, industry-leading HVAC products. Call us today to discuss our inventory.

What We Offer

At the Air Repair Pros, our first priority on a new job is to seek the most effective and affordable solution for our customers. Sometimes, this involves a simple repair—other times, our professionals may recommend a replacement. That is why we keep our inventory stocked with premier HVAC products proven to offer optimal performance for homeowners.

The Air Repair Pros offers:

  • Air conditioners
  • Thermostats
  • Air handlers
  • Heat pumps
  • Indoor air quality management
  • Furnaces and coils

The Air Repair Pros Is a Preferred Vendor of Premier Products

Our knowledgeable techs can help you learn more about our available products and what they can do for your home, your climate control, and your energy bills. Don’t expect a high-pressure sales situation either—our techs are trained to educate customers about their HVAC product options and only recommend the products that make sense for them and their property.

Ready to learn more about upgrading your HVAC system with the Air Repair Pros? Call (972) 625-1400 today to speak with us.

Our Products

Air Conditioners

Highly-efficient air conditioners will improve the indoor air quality and comfort of your home. Recommended installation times are during the spring, just after winter passes.


Air Handlers

Air handlers are responsible for circulating the indoor air in your home and are generally installed with an air conditioner or furnace. Efficient models can reduce energy costs up to 40%!



Furnaces are more popular than heat pumps when it comes to heating in Frisco TX. They are more efficient and are generally durable, even after a particularly cold season.


Heat Pump

Heat pumps can act as both a cooling and heating system, making it a very convenient HVAC system for some households. However, continuous usage means maintenance visits should be more regular.


Indoor Air Quality

The better air filters you have, the better indoor air quality you and your family will enjoy. Remember to change your filters often more to ensure the unit stays efficient.



Need a smart thermostat to help you manage your indoor temperature? We have awesome models that can efficiently work together with your HVAC unit to give you maximum comfort and energy savings!


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