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Homeowners want the best air conditioners in Frisco TX, which can make their homes comfortable during the hot summer months, especially when the temperature reaches 100 degrees. Before telling you about the Air Repair Pros installation, repair, and maintenance service, our experts recommend high-quality air conditioners in Frisco TX.


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The Air Repair Pros’ Comfort Club Membership

An Air Repair Pros HVAC Comfort Club membership offers high-quality and affordable HVAC repairs, installations, and maintenance services. The Air Repair Pros are the most trusted HVAC Company in the Frisco, Texas area. We have qualified, experienced, and licensed professionals ready to serve you 24/7/365 at the same low rates!

Our company has incorporated a well-organized employee screening and vetting procedure, which enables us to choose the best talent. After all, the Air Repair Pros aim to provide the best HVAC services in the entire North Dallas Texas area. So, we prove it by hiring only the best people!

At the Air Repair Pros, we understand that protecting the comfort of your home is essential by focusing on your HVAC system. Because your comfort is important to us, the Air Repair Pros provide you with an extra layer of protection that gives you peace of mind so that you can avoid unexpected emergencies. The vast majority of our service calls come from people who have not yet become a Comfort Club member and are not having their HVAC system checked, tested, tuned, and made Texas Weather Ready, at least two times per year.

With our Texas weather, you rely on your HVAC system year-round.  Your system gets very little rest.  As a member of our Comfort Club, we will ensure your cooling and heating systems are always there for you in the really hot summer and very cold winter seasons.

Comfort Club Membership

A Comfort Club membership is beneficial in many ways to homeowners in our area. Our records show that cooling and heating systems can last up to twice as long by having them maintained regularly.  If your system is under 10 years old, and if it has been maintained every six months so that it is ready for the super-hot summers, or bone-chilling cold winters, odds are very good that you will make it all the way through that season without a system failure.

We have professionals who will take care of your HVAC system using their experience and skills. Plus, our highly-trained technicians are available 24/7/365 to serve you anytime days, nights, weekends, and holidays at the same great rates!

The Comfort Club is the best and most affordable HVAC repairs and preventative maintenance program in North Texas.  It means you receive exclusive benefits at the most affordable prices. You get two seasonal tune-ups, valued at $198 for free with your membership.  

Once you have your Comfort Club membership, our skilled professionals will perform a complete safety check, inspection, and precision tune-up on your system. We check, test, and tune every part of your HVAC system.   An HVAC system is much like your vehicle in that it is built of belts, pulleys, cables, hoses, and many moving parts. Also, like your vehicle, it must be checked, tested, tuned, and made Texas Weather Ready at least twice per year.  In many ways, your HVAC system takes a worse beating than your vehicle, and yet you most likely don’t care for it as well as your vehicle.  Remember that maintenance is less expensive than repairs, and repairs are far less expensive than replacement.  The Comfort Club will save you money and prevent unexpected system failures.

So, What Happens When Something Does Fail?

Comfort Club members save money on needed repairs too.  First off, you save on Service Fees.  As a member, you receive 15% off the top off all services. That is not just a “mark up to mark down” plan.  Our system is preloaded with our rates. As a member, your tech will show you where your discount is applied with every service call.  We focus on giving you the best pricing options when you have our Comfort Club membership. With regular maintenance, the Comfort Club membership gives you the peace of mind that your cooling and heating systems will not break down when you need them the most.

Priority Services

Your Comfort Club Membership gives you lots of additional benefits. For example, our technicians will serve you even during an emergency or during extreme temperatures. Unlike other companies that will schedule the repair job 24-48 hours after your call, the Air Repair Pros are different. As a Comfort Club member, you receive VIP treatment.  You are moved to the front of the line, and we guarantee that you will be taken care of within 24 hours.  Normally, our Comfort Club members are seen within 2 hours.

Becoming a Comfort Club member allows you to receive regular maintenance at the most affordable prices. All members of the Comfort Club Program receive a 15% discount on repair services. Now you can afford to keep your HVAC equipment maintained so that you can keep your HVAC systems up and running all-year-round.

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For small businesses and professional buildings that have only one or two ground level HVAC units, please CLICK HERE to learn more about our Commercial Comfort Club membership.