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AC Water Leaks – Common Causes and Fixes

Do you want to know the causes of your AC leaking water and how to fix this problem? If yes, you are in the right place because, in today’s article, we are going to tell you about these issues and tell you how a professional technician can fix them. Summer is here, and you need AC to maintain an optimal temperature in your home. If you have turned on your AC and it sprung a leak, you need to call a professional. Although it is important to tune up your central AC in the winter season, small repairs are still necessary for maintaining the AC efficiency. AC leaking water can affect walls, ceilings, and other areas. If you observe water under the air handler, we recommend you to turn off the AC at the breaker box. Call a professional technician who will analyze the problems and fix them.

Frozen Evaporator Coils

One of the primary causes of AC leaking water is a clogged filter. When the filter is dirty, air does not pass through it easily, which causes the coils to freeze up because the AC refrigerant flows through the coils and requires airflow to absorb heat. The airflow restriction leads to the formation of ice and dripping water. Dirty coils can also cause frozen evaporator coils. Likewise, this condition is caused by a lack of refrigerant, broken blower motor, and registers or vents. When the AC refrigerant does not take in heat from the indoor space, it can lead to frozen evaporator coils. This will cause warm air and other issues in the compressor. The technicians who are an expert in fixing AC leaking water problem will turn off the unit immediately. The technician may replace the air filter and ask you to keep changing it every 30 to 90 days. Also, the technician will uncover the registers and air vents. It is important to change the air filter in the summer when the AC runs for extended periods. Experts recommend setting calendar reminders, which helps you check the air filter every month. The technician knows how to accurately replace the air filter and clear all the vents. This will probably fix the problem. Otherwise, he will charge the refrigerant.

Overflowing Drain Pan

Usually, you can find the drain pan underneath the air handler. This part of the AC catches condensation from the AC unit. The technician will turn off the AC and examine the drain pan as well as pipes for any leakages. The drip pan connects to the pipe. The pipe is useful in discharging the condensate outside. Most people use a wet-dry vacuum to clean the pan to avoid overflowing. Although you can do it yourself, to avoid problems, hiring a professional technician is always a better idea. The technician will examine the corners, bottom, and edges using a flashlight and try to fix cracks in the drain pan using a water sealant. Usually, there are two drain pans – the first one is underneath the evaporator coil, and the second one is underneath the unit. The first one is fixed permanently, whereas the second one is removable. The technician will leave the fixed one in place while patching up the leak.

Clogged Condensate Drain Line

Air Repair Pros McKinney is a professional company with qualified technicians that are experts in solving all sorts of problems, including AC leaking water. Another reason why your central AC leaking water is a clogged drained line. Although many people consider this a DIY project, we think it is not. You need the necessary tools to fix this issue. The condensate line is usually blocked by debris, algae, and fungi. The technician must clear the drain line. He will do this by locating the PVC pipe, which is located near the drain pan of the air handler. Next, the technician will unscrew the cap and pour some vinegar in it. It is recommended to pout about 6 ounces of vinegar. This will kill fungi and algae. However, the problem can arrive again in a few months. Therefore, you need to ask the technician to accurately pour the vinegar and use any, other essential tools to fix this problem.


Wrapping up, these are some of the common problems associated with water leakage from your AC. Although the solutions are easy-to-implement, again, we advise that solving the above problems as DIY will further complicate things. Therefore, we recommend you to choose a professional company or service like Air Repair Pros McKinney to solve the problem of AC leaking water. Contact us today!
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