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AC Repair in McKinney TX – Fast and Reliable AC Repair Service

Looking for AC Repair in McKinney TX that is fast and reliable? No problem. There are several good services one can get in and around the area of McKinney that also serve homes and businesses in Dallas, Frisco, and Allen areas, and for that, you can check one air conditioning contractor that goes by the name of Air Repair Pros Inc.

Air Repair Pros

Air Repair Pros brings in 38 years of experience and is fully licensed and insured. Furthermore, they are EPA certified, the mandatory requirement for all technicians to be certified first before they can perform maintenance, repair, and disposal of appliances that contain refrigerant chemicals.

What They Will Do – AC Repair Steps

Whoever you will eventually call and transact with, for sure, they will teach you the basics of air conditioning systems and air conditioning repair in McKinney TX. However, the usual advice is not to do a DIY just because you have a little understanding of the system. It is important to still leave the job to the experts as these systems are not that easy to manipulate. You might make mistakes and make your AC more damaged than it is now. Air conditioner repair in McKinney TX usually involves the following steps, so study them carefully as you will be asked many questions by the technicians when they come around.
  • Assessing the problem – This is where troubleshooting starts. A few questions to ask include:
  • Is the AC not working at all?
  • Is it just not cooling the space enough?
  • Or is it blowing warm air?
For a condition where the AC is not working at all, they will check if the electrical plug is just not properly connected to the electrical outlet or the electrical line supporting the system has been damaged. Obviously, your system needs a power supply to work. If the power supply is not the issue, go to your circuit breakers and also check on your fuses, but if there’s nothing wrong with these parts of the system, the emergency AC repair team will then check the thermostat. The thermostat of your system is the part that senses the temperature of the surroundings and performs actions to maintain the desired temperature. If it can’t do this function, then it may require repair, and in other instances, a replacement.
  • Checking the fan blower belt – If this part has already been broken or damaged due to years of service, it will cause low cooling performance. If this is the case, the usual remedy is to change that part by buying a new one.
  • Checking the filters and coils – Sometimes, low performance is only caused by filters or coils being clogged, preventing enough air from flowing through and circulating in the space. In that case, the air conditioning and heating repair service will recommend a thorough cleaning of these parts or replacements.
In case of replacements on any parts, consider Air Repair Pros who, apart from delivering excellent Central AC Air Repair services, also keep their inventory stocked with high-quality HVAC parts that are proven to provide optimal performance for air conditioners for homeowners and business owners.

Preventative AC Maintenance

Once the team is done with the service and you are satisfied with it, you might want to ask for the proper maintenance of your system. A good company always offers advice on the matter, and hopefully, the one you will choose will extend a bit of their time with you for that purpose. Remember that routine maintenance will lower your utility costs, prevent frequent part replacements, and keep your family comfortable, healthy, and happy. Here’s a checklist:

Change your filters regularly

Filters need to be replaced as soon as necessary, and regularly. The recommendation is replacement every three months, but if you have pets there or you live in a location where elements easily clog and damage these parts, you might need to replace them every two months.

Clean your condenser

Most central AC units have outdoor condensers with a fan on top to counteract heat, especially during the summer season. What you need to keep watching out for with your condenser is its metal fins because these metal parts easily collect dirt, grime, and pollen. Use a water hose to spray the dirt away from this part of your condenser.

Maintain clearance for your unit

Your AC must have plenty of free space around it. Around 2 feet of clear space on all sides is recommended. Clearing enough space by removing leaves and tall vegetation ensures the provision of sufficient airflow to your unit.

Check the drainpipe and the drain pan

Clear blockages on these parts usually caused by algae and mold formation. Use bleach or a wet-dry vacuum to clean these parts. In the area of Texas, clogged drainpipes are common issues resolved by AC repair and maintenance contractors during the summer and spring seasons.


It is important that you choose a contractor who works fast to assess what’s wrong with your system. They must be a reliable business that does not only know well the job they are doing but also goes the extra mile to educate their customers on proper AC maintenance. If you need a quick resolution of a current heating or cooling issue in your residence, the 24/7 Air conditioning services of Air Repair Pros and their highly-skilled technicians are all you need. Give them a call now. For more questions about maintenance or AC repair in McKinney TC, feel free to post them below.
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