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AC Unit Repair in McKinney TX – Signs to Look Out For


You need AC unit repair in McKinney TX, when it does not perform optimally. AC is one of the most expensive equipment in your home that cools your home and maintains an optimal indoor air quality throughout the summer season. However, if your AC does not perform optimally, it may have undergone problems. In today’s article, we will talk about some signs that show you need air conditioner repair. Read on!

Warm Air

You need AC unit repair in McKinney TX, when the system produces warm air through your home’s vents. It is essential to call a professional repair company like Air Repair Pros to fix the problems. Our technician will visit your home, check the thermostat, and ensures it is set to the cooling mode.

Our technician will set the thermostat temperature lower than the current temperature of your home. Sometimes, a malfunctioned compressor can cause restricted airflow or warm air blowing through the vents. Our technician will examine this component and make necessary repairs to ensure the AC works optimally.

Frequent Cycles

Air Conditioner repair becomes necessary when the unit has frequent “ON-OFF” cycles. A well-maintained air conditioner does not undergo frequent cycles. In fact, it goes through standard cooling cycles.

However, if your AC turns ON and OFF frequently, you need to call Air Repair Pros. Our technician will check the system and make necessary repairs to prevent this problem in the future.

Refrigerant Leaks

Refrigerant leaks or the loss of refrigerant can cause a lot of problems, including cooling inefficiency. Your AC unit will consume more energy and work harder to maintain an optimal temperature in your home.

As a result, the system will undergo wear and tear, leading to more expensive repairs. At the same time, you will receive higher energy bills every month. Therefore, it is wise to call a professional technician to fix the problem.

Remember, refrigerant leaks can harm your health and lead to problems like irregular heartbeat, fluid buildup in your lungs, mental fatigue, and loss of consciousness, asthma, and even seizures. If you want to protect your system and maintain your health, we recommend hiring Air Repair Pros’ qualified technician.

Foul Odors

An AC unit usually does not produce bad smells. However, if it occurs, your AC unit has undergone a problem. A strong and foul odor indicates a burnt wire inside the system. Similarly, a musty smell indicates the presence of mold inside the unit or the ductwork.

Because the air conditioner removes excess moisture levels from the indoor space, if it fails to drain the moisture properly, mold will grow and cause problems. Call a professional company like Air Repair Pros for AC unit repair in McKinney TX.

Water Leaks

Moisture or water leaking in or around your HVAC system is a significant issue that requires air conditioner repair service. Likewise, Freon is poisonous that can harm your health and affect the indoor space environment. In most cases, it leaks water due to a blocked or broken tube that disposes of condensation.

In some cases, water leaks out of the AC unit, while other times, there is a development of ice inside the system, especially on the refrigerant lines made of copper. In both cases, you need to call a professional repair company to fix the problem.

Strange Noises

Although all HVAC systems make some sort of sound, the problems are with the belt if you hear scraping, squealing, or grinding noises. Most often, the belt moves out the place, leading to strange noises.

Remember, not fixing the belt or replacing it on time can lead to other complications that can eventually cost you a lot of money. Contact a qualified HVAC expert to avoid costly damages to your AC unit.

Increased Energy Bills

Another sign that you need air conditioner repair is increased energy bills. When your AC malfunctions, it will consume more electricity and work harder to maintain the desired temperature in your home.

Leaks in the ductwork, broken thermostat, wiring problems, and even a dirty air filter can lead to increased energy bills. If you want to reduce energy bills, make sure you fix the problem on time by hiring a professional HVAC technician.

Contact Air Repairs Pros

Air Repair Pros is a professional company that offers high-quality, reliable, and affordable AC Unit Repair in McKinney TX. Our technicians follow a step-by-step approach to diagnose the problem and use advanced tools and expertise to fix the issue immediately. Contact us today for AC unit repair in McKinney TX.

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