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Air Conditioner Not Turning On – Help!


Your air conditioner not turning on is a significant problem, especially on a hot summer day. For instance, when you have guests at home, and your air conditioner system turns off automatically and does not turn on after some time, it can lead to immense frustration, causing discomfort for your family and guests. 

Imagine something like this happens in the middle of a hot night. You will have extreme frustration and embarrassment. The good news is that you can hire Air Repair Pros, a professional company that offers air conditioning services McKinney TX, including 24/7 emergency repair services. 

Clogged Air Filters 

Many homeowners ignore changing their AC systems’ air filters. Research shows that air filters perform an essential function – i.e., proper air circulation. If you have a dirty air filter, it won’t circulate air in the indoor space, leading to improper AC function

Over time, your AC won’t turn on – remember, this can occur at any time. If the air filters have accumulated dirt, dust, and debris, it will cause blocked airflow, causing your system to work harder to cool the indoor space. 

A dirty air filter can freeze the outdoor unit and hinder the system’s performance. So, it is the most apparent reason behind the air conditioner not turning on. However, you can fix the problem by hiring our air conditioning services McKinney TX. 

Uncleaned Condenser

Your air conditioner system’s outdoor or external unit releases the heat collected by the internal or indoor unit. The component is known as the condenser that can undergo numerous problems if not appropriately maintained. 

The condenser will accumulate dirt and dust over time due to a lack of maintenance, causing it to work harder to disperse the heat. It is because the dirt and dust accumulated in the condenser act as an insulator. 

The condenser of your AC system will draw too much current and trip the circuit breaker, leading to the air conditioner not turning on. If you think it is easy to fix the problem by cleaning the condenser yourself, it is too late. 

It is time to call a professional technician for proper cleaning up. Improper cleaning can damage the coils’ fins, leading to more complications. However, you can prevent these problems with appropriate maintenance. Cleaning your condenser from time to time can prevent significant issues. 

Clogged Drain Pan

An air condition system cools your home and removes moisture from the air. The moisture goes to the drain pan, located underneath the evaporator coil of the indoor unit. The humidity then flows into the condensate drain line. 

Air Repair Pros’ experts say that not maintaining your AC system can lead to high humidity levels, clogging the drain pan. Although the drain pan has a secondary drain to prevent it from clogging, if both of them are full or clogged, they will turn on the float switch, causing your air conditioner not turning on. 

It is a safety mechanism in modern air conditioning systems, preventing excessive leakage in your house and damage to the AC system. However, the water leak from the blocked pan will damage your ceilings, walls, and even furnishings. 

So, the air conditioner not turning on is due to a blocked or dirty pan. You can use a wet/dry vacuum to remove clogs, but the chances are that it will create a lot of mess. If you want to get the job done adequately without any problems, it is wise to call Air Repair Pros for air conditioning services McKinney TX. 

Damaged Motor

A damaged motor is another reason for the air conditioner not turning on. It is a surefire sign that indicates a significant problem, such as malfunctioned motor blades. Bear in mind that motors are sealed to prevent contact with air, water, and debris. 

However, a lack of maintenance can damage motors and cause the seal to come off. As a result, the oil-sealed within the motor for lubrication will seep out. A lack of lubrication oil can wear out the motor, stopping it from working optimally. As a result, the outdoor unit does not dissipate heat. 

Many homeowners ask: Is it better to repair the motor or replace the AC system? Air Repair Pros experts say that if the motor repair costs half of the original price, it is wise to replace the system. Otherwise, it is better to repair the motor and save money by not replacing the entire unit. Contact Air Repair Pros if your air conditioner not turning on.

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