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Air Conditioning Basic Troubleshooting

We have all had this experience, at least once. If you haven’t yet, well, welcome to Texas!  It’s cooling season here in the North Dallas area. You feel hot, and no matter what you do, you just can’t seem to get the house cool enough. That dreaded question runs through your mind, “Is my air conditioning system working properly?  Or, “I wonder if my A/C system went out?”  You might even ask someone in your home, “When was the last time we had our Air conditioning unit inspected?”  Well, don’t worry!  Here are some, “Do it yourself” troubleshooting things that you can check that just might fix the issue, that may not require an air conditioning repair Pro. Here is the list of troubleshooting tests that you can perform before you call the Air Repair Pros.

  • Step #1 Make sure that the thermostat is set lower than the actual room temperature.
  • Step #2 Check to be sure that the selector switch is set on “cool.”
  • Step #3 If you have a thermostat that is programmable, change the batteries, so they are new and fresh.
  • Step #4 Check that your unit is getting power by moving the fan switch from the “auto” setting to “on” setting. If the blower runs, there is power. If nothing happens, the control is burned out or the power is not connected.
  • Step #5 If the system uses a furnace for heat, check that the emergency switch is on.
  • Step #6 If you are familiar with your circuit breaker panel, check for blown fuses or tripped breakers. If the breaker is tripped, or the fuse is blown, only correct this problem ONE time. If it trips, or blows, again, STOPCall us immediately. If your system is blowing fuses, you have an issue that is more serious, and it can cause damage to your system, or worse. Do NOT continue to flip the switch or change the fuse. Remember, those systems are in place to protect you. Please call the Air Repair Pros at 972-625-1400. However, if the breaker or fuse is NOT blown, move on to Step 7.
  • Step 7 With the selector switch on “cool”, and the fan switch on “auto”, move the thermostat setting, way below the room temperature. If the blower runs, but the condenser does not engage, or the outdoor unit does not come on, then again, check the fuse or circuit breaker. If the breaker is engaged as it should be, check the condenser. Some condensers have a high pressure cut out. It is a button sticking out of the cabinet, usually near the refrigerant lines. To reset it, push it in, as far as you can. If you feel or hear it reset, with a “click,” that might do it. If you felt or heard nothing, odds are that is not your problem.
  • Step 8 If both units are running and it is still not cooling, carefully feel the larger copper lines exiting the condenser. If it is warm, the system is out of Freon or the compressor is down. If the line is frozen, you have an air flow problem. Don’t panic!  We have more things to check.
  • Step 9 Your filter may be clogged or there may be too many registers closed. Or you may have something blocking or covering the return air duct. Check all your room air ducts and if any or closed, open them. Find your return air duct and make sure it has wide open access to air.
  • Step 10 If your system is frozen, low Freon can also cause a freeze-up. Shut the system down, let it thaw out completely. If your system does not restart and run normally, you need, the Air Repair Pros. So make sure your system is inspected and repaired by the Pros. Because we have several locations in the North Dallas, Texas area, the Air Repair Pros will get it fixed fast, and at a fair price.  You too will see why the majority of our customers rely on us for all of their HVAC needs, again and again. One phone number is all you need to reach your local office of Air Repair Pros, at 972-625-1400.
  • Step 11 If the unit is in the attic, there could be a float switch on the air handle that might need to be reset. Or it could be the safety pan. It will shut the condenser off if the drain is clogged. If you have water around the unit, that means trouble, and your air conditioning unit needs repair. Please, do NOT do anything else at this point. There is some good news because you can call any of our local offices in Frisco, McKinney, Addison, Plano, Little Elm, or any of our other North Dallas area locations. You can reach the Air Repair Pros at, 972-625-1400. We will have your AC repair done fast, at a fair price, anytime, day or night.

If you complete all of these troubleshooting suggestions and you continue to have problems with your air conditioning or heating system, unless you are a trained HVAC technician, please do not attempt to fix it yourself. You will most likely make it worse, and end up costing you more than to have the Air Repair Pros fix it for you. Please call the Air Repair Pros, at any of our North Dallas, TX locations in Frisco, McKinney, Plano, Allen, Addison, Little Elm, or any city in the North Dallas area, at one easy number: 972-625-1400.

Remember, we offer a simple, easy, and cost effective, twice a year, service plan to check your system before you need it. Remember, service is always less expensive than repair! So ask your Air Repair Pro about our Semi-Annual Service Plan.

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