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Most Common Problems of Central AC Units

Air conditioning repair Frisco and thermal comfort are an investment that you should not scrimp on. It improves indoor air quality at your home and ensures your central AC system is in good working condition.

However, problems are sometimes unavoidable. It is always helpful to identify problems early on so that the air conditioning repair company can immediately fix them without a time-consuming diagnosis.

Frozen Coil

A frozen coil could mean that your central air conditioning has low refrigerant or has issues with airflow. More specific examples of the latter are obstructions in the air ductwork and dirty air filters.

You can tell if your AC unit has frozen coils when there’s a buildup of moisture and water leaks in the room. Frozen coils may also be the culprit when the air suddenly becomes warm.

Such a problem is likewise caused by blocked condensate lines and malfunctioning thermostats.

Faulty Wiring

Faulty wiring is problematic as it is hazardous. Check the interior and exterior of the AC unit for any exposed wires. If you spot them, call the nearest 24-hour air conditioning repair. Exposed or bare wiring causes electrical components to be moist, thus needing a much more extensive repair.

Faulty wiring is also caused by intermittent functioning of the AC. When the current becomes too high, the unit’s safety features stop.

This problem should be remedied lest the AC system shorts out and the compressor malfunctions.

Low Refrigerant

Refrigerant, or Freon, cools the air in your unit. When the refrigerant goes low, it could mean a leak in the entire refrigerant system. This should be repaired immediately because it causes frozen coils. If your unit has low refrigerant, the unit may not turn on as well. In that case, the problem has erupted into a more serious issue.

The Outside Fan Is Malfunctioning

An AC has two fans: one located inside, and another outside. Both fans keep the coil from getting frozen. When your outside fan doesn’t work, the AC compressor has the tendency to overheat. The extreme heat could also cause huge internal damage to the unit’s compressor.

The fans may not work because of the capacitor, as these two are correlative. When the capacitor stops, the fans likewise stop. Ask the repair company to replace the capacitor.

A burnt out motor is another cause of a malfunctioning fan. Too much stress puts the motor at risk, and eventually, it will fail to work. Some air conditioning units aren’t properly maintained, too, which contributes to the fan and motor’s wear and tear.

Sometimes, a loose belt may cause the fan to stop spinning. While it can be quickly repaired, getting a new central AC unit is safer and better because a loose belt produces more problems in the long run.

But then again, the unit may not be receiving sufficient power, causing its components to not work properly.  Instead of troubleshooting the problem, ask yourself, “Is there an emergency air conditioning repair near me? What air conditioning repair near me can fix problems for such an affordable price?

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