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Bartonville TX Heating System Maintenance


Bartonville TX Heating System Maintenance is an essential service that can prolong the lifespan of your equipment, maintain its function, and save money on energy bills. Air Repair Pros is a reputable HVAC company that offers Furnace tune-ups in Bartonville TX.

Like other electrical equipment in your home, the heating system requires regular cleaning and maintenance to function correctly. The purpose is to keep the system in good working order. How do Air Repair Pros perform Bartonville TX Heating System Maintenance? In today’s article, we will answer this question. Read on!

Bartonville TX Heating System Maintenance

During your maintenance appointment with Air Repair Pros, our qualified and NATE-certified technician will inspect your heating system and ensure it runs smoothly without consuming more electricity than the amount required.

Our technician will inspect the system and its wiring, clean and lubricate all internal components, check the fuel lines and levels, test the pilot light and perform pressure calibration in the fuel line.

Likewise, our technician will clean the fuel line and ensure the pilot light works optimally. Bear in mind that equipment calibration is crucial for reliable and efficient heating in the indoor space. It will also save you money on your monthly energy bills. Moreover, our technician will:

  • Check safety control and connections
  • Inspect and clean burners and their components
  • Inspect the heat exchanger
  • Check and clean the thermocouple
  • Check and clean the ignitor, spark electrode
  • Check and replace air filters
  • Remove and clean the blower
  • Test run the capacitor to examine its performance
  • Adjust dampers for optimal heating
  • Check and flush condensate drains
  • Examining the vents for leaks
  • Check the combustion air requirements
  • Lubricate all mechanical and moving parts
  • Check the manifold pressure
  • Check temperature levels and adjust the blower speed
  • Inspect the presence of gas pressure in the pipe
  • Wipe down the furnace system
  • Clean up around the equipment
  • Replace batteries in the smoke detector
  • Provide essential recommendations

Higher Efficiency

A furnace system consumes more energy when you fail to maintain it regularly. During the visit, our qualified technician will inspect and clean your HVAC system’s components. When the parts of the equipment undergo proper inspection and cleaning, the system will run more efficiently.

For example, a dirty air filter can take a massive toll on your heating system. The primary function of the air filter is to remove environmental pollutants, including dirt, dust, pet dander, pollen, viruses, and bacteria.

A dirty air filter can restrict airflow and cause the entire HVAC system, including the furnace, to work harder. Not only does this reduce efficiency, but it also causes wear and tear in the internal components. That’s why it is crucial to replace a dirty air filter with a new one every month.

Improved Health

Environmental pollutants, such as viruses, bacteria, pet dander, pollen, allergens, dirt, and dust particles, can cause various health conditions. For instance, if your air filter is dirty, it can pose a threat to you and your family’s overall wellbeing. Bacteria present in the air can cause digestive issues when inhaled.

Likewise, viruses can cause respiratory conditions, such as flu, runny nose, cold, and even asthma. Dirty air filters make it harder for the HVAC system to remove pollutants from the indoor space. As a result, dust mites, mold, dead skin, viruses, allergens, etc., increase the risk of diseases.

During your Bartonville TX Heating System Maintenance appointment, our technician will ensure the equipment is clean of dirt, dust, mold, mildew, and other environmental contaminants. That way, the unit will perform optimally and maintain optimal indoor air quality.

Prolonged System Lifespan

Air Repair Pros offer preventative Furnace tune-ups in Bartonville TX. Our company aims to maintain our clients’ HVAC systems to ensure it functions appropriately for a prolonged period. The average lifespan of an HVAC system is between 10-13 years. Some systems even last for 15 years.

However, if you want to keep the unit operational for over 15 years or up to 20 years, it is wise to invest in regular Bartonville TX Heating System Maintenance services, such as the one offered by Air Repair Pros.

The good news is that Air Repair Pros provides its clients with a fantastic opportunity of saving money on HVAC maintenance. We offer the Comfort Club Membership Program that provides you with numerous perks, such as two free bi-annual Furnace tune-ups in Bartonville TX, 24/7 emergency services, and other benefits.

Air Repair Pros has experienced technicians who make substantial efforts to ensure your equipment runs optimally for a prolonged period. Contact us today for reliable, quality, and affordable Bartonville TX Heating System Maintenance services.


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