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Frisco Heating Repair Guide to Smart Thermostat Enabled HVAC Systems


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The last thing you want to do in the middle of the cold season is to find a Frisco heating repair guide because your smart-enabled HVAC system is not working. More homes are turning in to the convenience of the smart thermostat to control their furnaces. It saves you steps away from your thermostat. You can also instruct Alexa to set your temperature over some time without having to tap on any button.

The Advantages of Smart-Powered HVAC System

1. Adjust the temperature setting anywhere.

Set it in your preferred temperature. Set it on a vacation mode and let the smart thermostat do the adjusting on your preferred schedule.

2. Look over your home remotely.

Operate your thermostat with your phone and check your home’s temperature in a single command.

3. It saves energy. 

Set the thermostat on energy-saving mode without having to reset it from time to time.

4. It updates your energy and temperature status.

Receive notifications over your phone and let the thermostat send you updates.

5. It’s user-friendly.

Most homeowners are adapting to this technology because of the promise of the convenience of this device.

Just like any other smart operated appliances, you may encounter certain problems. You can either avoid it or wait for it.

You don’t want to end up asking Alexa to find furnace repair near me Frisco in the middle of the cold season. The worst thing that can happen is to find your home frozen from your furnace, to plumbing, to appliances, and furniture when you’re away. It would add up to our repair expenses.

The Inconveniences of Faulty Smart Thermostats

1. The smart thermostat won’t send you alerts and notifications when you’re away.
  • There’s no internet connection.

The thermostat functions normally when the internet goes down. Without an internet connection, you cannot control your home’s temperature on vacation.

Do not mistake for having any problems with your HVAC system if you don’t receive notifications from Alexa when you’re away. You cannot check your home’s temperature without the internet.

The worst thing that could happen when you’re on vacation is to have your furnace completely damaged because the thermostat has failed to work.

  • There’s a server outage or glitches.

Smart owners often freak out because of the server outage. It’s frustrating not to check on your home remotely.

When servers go down, your smart thermostat loses its features. It turns into a dumb thermostat. You cannot check your home’s temperature. There are no web portal, no geofencing, no data collection, and no weather forecasts. It means you cannot send any requests remotely.

However, having a server outage doesn’t stop your furnace from working unless there’s a power outage.

2. The heater doesn’t turn on.
  • There’s no power from the thermostat or the HVAC system. It could happen when there’s a power outage.

Your thermostat or your furnace does not work without battery or power. When your thermostat has a backup battery, it can keep the program settings. You need a power back up for your heater.

If you have neither, then it becomes a problem. Your equipment won’t work. You don’t want that to happen in the winter.

  • There is no C wire connected to it.

This is one of the cases mostly overlooked. Smart thermostat manufacturers would claim that their thermostats don’t need to connect on C wires.

C wires don’t provide power on the thermostat. The hot wires, labeled as R or Rh, do. The HVAC control board sends 24v power to these wires. This enables the thermostat to have a power that flows through.

It returns the power to enable the thermostat working. Smart needs a constant power supply that doesn’t disrupt the other wires.

Check if there are C wires connected to it. Look over the HVAC control board. Find the labeled slots. C wires have slots labeled as C. Sometimes the label is on Rh/c.

You need C wires. Wireless thermostats drain batteries. Any smart powered gadget works like your smartphones. It requires more power to keep a connection to the Wi-Fi router. Another thing that drains your thermostats is the lighting that illuminates your thermostat.

Save the hassle of repair costs from your smart thermostat and furnace problems. Air Repair Pros has a 24-hour furnace repair Frisco in winter.

To keep an optimal level of Wi-Fi connection and battery, you will need C wires. It makes sense if you are out of town in winter. You don’t want to replace your batteries now and then.

3. Mismatched Readings or Settings
  • Dirty Filters

If you haven’t changed your air filters before the winter season, then don’t expect to have enough heat.  Water pipes will burst. When the air doesn’t go through the system because of the dirty air filter, it will not transfer heat to the refrigerant.

How does it affect your thermostat? Dirty filters will send mismatched temperature settings.

  • External heat

Heat sources near your smart thermostat will affect its readings. A smart thermostat is vulnerable to heat exposure. Mismatched settings can turn your house freezing.

4. Additional furnace repair services
Causes: Mismatched Readings

Mismatched readings can lead to further problems like faulty ignition light, mechanical malfunction, or noises from the furnace. You don’t want to get caught in the middle of looking for emergency furnace repair in Frisco.

Here are other signs that your heater might need heating furnace repair.

  1. Unusual noises from your furnace.
  2. A surge in your monthly bill.
  3. The furnace shuts on and off automatically.

What to Do for Furnace Heating Repair Guide

On wire problems
  1. Turn off your thermostat and check the breakers.
  2. Check for loose wires.
  3. Check the breakers.
  4. If you’re confident with wires, DIY wiring might do the trick.
  5. Test your furnace.
On power outages
  1. Rebooting your device should be enough.
  2. Test your thermostat.
On mismatched readings and furnace damages

All it takes is an expert help from Furnace Repair and Maintenance in Frisco TX. Call for a Frisco heating repair guide today!

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