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HVAC Services – Furnaces, Air Handlers, and More!


Frisco HVAC maintenance is a service that involves checking the system before and during the fall season to ensure it is in the top condition. Furnace maintenance, in general, takes around 3 hours, depending on the unit. It is a small investment of time to ensure you are not huddled and waiting for warm air when you need it the most.

Frisco HVAC Maintenance

Maintenance is a critical aspect of owning an HVAC system. Over time, dust, dirt, debris, and worn parts can lower the efficiency of the system and increase the risk of issues. When you schedule regular Frisco HVAC maintenance for your furnace, it will improve the lifespan of the system by up to 50% and prevent yearly losses of up to 20% in the HVAC efficiency.

Before or during the fall, a furnace maintenance check involves a thorough inspection and testing of the system. During the visit, our technician will check, clean, or replace the filter of the furnace. Our technician will also inspect the exterior and ventilation system of the heater system for signs of wear and carry out any necessary repairs.

Next, our technician will clean the interior components of the furnace and inspect for signs of damage and wear. It includes the blower, motors, ignition assembly, and pressure switches. The energy consumed by the furnace system and its electrical parts is checked for unnecessary power usage.

Likewise, Frisco HVAC maintenance, particularly the furnace maintenance involves checking, cleaning, and calibrating your home’s thermostat. The technician will turn “ON” the finance and then monitor it to ensure each part is working properly.

Besides, our HVAC technician will test for any carbon monoxide leakages and make sure all ventilation and piping are free from dirt and debris. The technician will also check the boiler, pump, controls, low water cutoff, and sigh glass.

Air Handler Repair and Maintenance

The air handler is an essential component of the HVAC system. It is usually found in the attic or basement of your home. It performs the function of transferring air through the ductwork. The air handler contains an air filter, evaporator coil, and auxiliary heater.

The most common problems associated with air handlers are leaking water, ice, and unpleasant smells. Our HVAC technicians at Air Repair Pros and licensed and experienced with air handler repairs in Frisco, TX.

When you call for your air handler repair or maintenance, our customer service representative will ask you about the location of your air handler, such as the attic or crawlspace of your home.

Doing so allows our technicians to prepare for access. For instance, if it is in the attic, our team will take all precautionary measures to protect the flooring from damages. We understand the value of your home.

Also, we know you want to repair your air handler as quickly as possible. That’s why we have professionals who are qualified, experienced, and skill enough to get the job done accurately.

One of the most common problems, which can occur with your air handler is the failure of the blower motor. No matter if it is the blower motor itself or something else, which causes the breakdown of the component, our technicians will fix it immediately.

Generally, the bad relay, the run capacitor, and issues in the control board cause the blower motor to function improperly. The poor functioning of the blower motor may also be caused by issues in the blower wheel. Your air handler unit needs the attention of Frisco HVAC maintenance service.

Why Air Repair Pros?

Air Repair Pros has qualified technicians with years of experience in repairing and maintaining the furnaces and air handlers. Our HVAC technicians can identify the issue fast and make the air handler or furnace repair quickly.

For comprehensive furnace maintenance and Frisco HVAC Maintenance, you can count on Air Repair Pros. Our technicians work with integrity and honesty to ensure your complete satisfaction.

For any type of HVAC repairs throughout Frisco, Air Repair Pros can get the job done the first time and at affordable prices. Our company wants to work flexibly and reliably with our customers and ensure meeting their budgets.

Even if your finance has stopped working at the inopportune moment, our qualified technicians can step in and provide furnace maintenance. As a group of qualified experts in Frisco, we always have a service truck that sand by and ready to provide help with HVAC needs across Frisco, TX.

Lastly, Frisco HVAC maintenance is a professional service offered by Air Repair Pros at the most affordable prices. Contact us today!

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