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Frisco TX Furnace Repairs – The Heat Exchanger


Most homeowners need Frisco TX furnace repairs or maintenance service to keep their heating system run smoothly and efficiently. Your home’s indoor space relies on a furnace system during the coldest days and nights of the winter season. A properly installed furnace system keep you and your family comfortable.

Like your home relies on a heating system, your furnace system relies on a heat exchanger. It is one of the most important components of the furnace. Any problem with the heat exchanger can cause a breakdown, putting your and your family in danger. A professional Frisco TX furnace repairs service can fix a malfunctioned heat exchanger properly.

What is Heat Exchanger and how it Works?

A furnace system contains an integral component known as the heat exchanger. It is an essential part of the entire heating process. The heating system combusts gas or any other fuel to produce heat. The process of combustion generates heat energy from the gas. Because it is an easy process, experts at Air Repair Pros recommend gas furnaces instead of electric ones.

It is not safe to breathe the mixture of gas and flue gases, also known as combustion fumes. That’s where the heat exchanger plays a key role. It is a thin metal shield that stands between the blower and the combustion chamber. Its primary function is to distribute warm air from the heating system through air ducts inside your home.

When the combustion chamber of the furnace heats the exchanger, it blows air across its surface on the other side. As a result, warm and breathable air is produced. The system then sends the heated air through the ductwork to the indoor space of your home.

A completely sealed heat exchanger works properly and prohibits flue gases from escaping into your indoor space. If the heat exchanger is not properly sealed, it will cause flue gases to circulate inside your home.

Common Heat Exchanger Problems

A furnace heat exchanger can develop cracks due to metal fatigue, which can cause a wide range of problems. You can’t see these cracks with your eyes because they are incredibly tiny or micro-fractures.

However, these cracks cause the flue gases to pass through the heat exchanger. It is crucial to call Air Repair Pros, a high-quality Frisco TX furnace repairs service. Here are a few common problems associated with the furnace heat exchanger. Continue reading!

Changed Flame Color

A well-maintained furnace system generates a blue flame because the combustion process occurs in a closed environment. Our qualified and professional technician will look for a few signs to identify the actual cause of the changed flame color.

Most often, the problem is due to oxygen that gets into the heating system through the cracked heat exchanger. In that case, our technician will use specialized tools to fix the problem immediately.

Dirt Accumulation

If your furnace system’s burner is not burning properly, it means something is wrong with the heat exchanger. Remember, repairing or working on the heat exchanger is not safe if you lack experience and skills.

That’s why your best option is to call a professional Frisco TX furnace repairs to identify the problem. Our technician will check the heat exchanger and see if there is soot buildup inside it.

Discolored Metal

A cracked heat exchanger leads to problems like metal discoloration and dirt accumulation. The cracks make the heat exchanger of the furnace system appear dirty. Our technician will perform a thorough diagnosis and look for signs like dust buildup at the crack site. He or she may also look for darker sports appearing on the heat exchanger than the rest of the metal.

Carbon Monoxide

The furnace system is based on the combustion process, which can provide carbon monoxide, a colorless, odorless, and hazardous gas that can cause significant problems for you and your family.

Carbon monoxide affects indoor air quality and leads to various respiratory conditions. Our professional technician will install a high-quality carbon monoxide detector so that you can call the fire department in the event of gas leakage.

Air Repair Pros – Frisco TX Furnace Repairs

Air Repair Pros is a professional and licensed company with many years of experience in the HVAC industry. To date, we have served hundreds of households in Frisco, TX, to make their furnace systems run smoothly and efficiently for years.

Our experienced technicians have in-depth knowledge of all furnace components, including the heat exchanger. We are fast, efficient, reliable, and affordable Frisco TX furnace repairs. Contact us today!

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