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Furnace Maintenance Hickory Creek TX – The Checklist


You need Furnace Maintenance Hickory Creek TX, to ensure your heating system runs at its peak throughout the winter season. HVAC maintenance in Hickory Creek TX is an essential service offered by Air Repair Pros. 

Our company aims to maintain energy efficiency, optimal indoor air quality, and the system’s lifespan. In today’s article, we will discuss Air Repair Pros furnace maintenance services. Read on! 

Furnace Maintenance Hickory Creek TX Checklist 

Regular, seasonal, or bi-annual HVAC system maintenance ensures the unit runs efficiently. Our technician will inspect the entire HVAC system, particularly the furnace, and clean the internal and external components during the maintenance visit. Proper furnace inspection and cleaning offer a wide range of benefits. Our technician will:

  • Check, adjust, and clean blower components

The purpose is to remove excess dirt, dust, debris buildup and ensure proper airflow. Checking the blower components also balances the system and increases its capacity. In addition, it increases the unit’s reliability and prolongs its life. 

  • Check and adjust airflow

Our technician will check and adjust airflow and inspect the fan control for accurate temperature rise. Not only does this assure the fan turns “ON” and “OFF” at the predetermined temperature, but it also heats the indoor space correctly. 

  • Check and replace air filters

A dirty and clogged air filter can reduce airflow and cause the unit to cease its operations. Replacing dirty filters with new ones will prevent the accumulation of dirt, dust, and debris, leading to optimal indoor air quality. 

  • Check thermostat calibration

An incorrectly calibrated thermostat causes the furnace system to over or under heat the indoor space. Proper calibration increases home comfort by maintaining optimal temperature levels and saving you money by lowering energy consumption. Our technician will carry out the task as an essential part of the Furnace Maintenance Hickory Creek TX. 

  • Lubricate moving parts

HVAC maintenance in Hickory Creek TX, also involves lubrication of moving parts. Poor lubrication can cause motor and shaft drag. As a result, the moving parts require more energy to overcome resistance. Lubricating moving parts during the maintenance visit is essential because it ensures the system’s efficiency. It also extends the motor’s life. 

  • Check heat exchangers

Chemical inspection of the system’s heat exchanger can help locate cracks and holes that are otherwise difficult to identify. Bear in mind that cracks and holes can result in toxic carbon monoxide leakage, risking your family’s health. Our technician will inspect the heat exchanger and fix it immediately after identifying issues. 

  • Check Safety Controls 

Safety controls are principle controls in the furnace system. The primary function of these controls is to prevent the system from overheating and damage the internal structures. Our technician will check these controls to reduce the risk of fires. Inspecting safety controls and fixing any issues associated with them can also extend the unit’s life. 

  • Tighten all electrical connections

Tightening all electrical connections is crucial to prevent wire overheating. The purpose is to ensure these wires do not cause fire or damage other internal components. So, our technician will inspect electrical connections and tighten the loose ones. 

  • Check for flue obstructions

Checking for flue obstructions ensures proper exhaustion of toxic fumes from the furnace, leading to the improved overall health of your family. It is an essential step of the Furnace Maintenance Hickory Creek TX performed by our qualified technician to ensure your family’s safety. 

  • Check belts for cracks and wear

Regular inspection of belts for cracks and wear will ensure reliable system operation. It also prolongs the belt’s life and prevents frequent repairs. Besides, our technician will check the burner function and ensure it performs well. 

  • Check thermocouple

Inspecting the thermocouple is another critical step carried out by our NATE-certified technician. Fixing a damaged thermocouple ensures proper ignition of burners. As a result, it reduces the risk of explosion upon burner startup. 

  • Clean and adjust the pilot

Cleaning and adjusting the pilot ensures smooth ignition. Our technician will observe the burners for proper firing. In addition, our technician will solve the problems, if any. So, this saves fuel and ensures good ignition. 

  • Check gas line for leaks

Air Repair Pros’ technician will also inspect the gas line for leaks. Checking the line for leaks from the unit’s shut-off valves to the burners is essential, reducing the risk of poisonous gases or ensure their proper exhaustion. That way, toxic gases won’t leak into the indoor space. 

Air Repair Pros is a professional HVAC maintenance company. We offer high-quality, industrial-standard, reliable, and cost-effective Furnace Maintenance Hickory Creek TX. Contact us today!

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