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The Need for Furnace Tune-Up Services


Are you looking for the best furnace tune-up services? If yes, you are in the right place. In general, a furnace tune-up service requires a qualified technician to use a checklist and perform the step-by-step heater maintenance. It involves cleaning, inspecting, testing, and preparing your furnace for the cold winter months.

Keep in mind that the exact checklist differs from one company to another, and it also depends on the level of maintenance you pay for. The basic purpose of the best furnace tune-up services is to ensure your heater is ready to heat your indoor space until spring. Here, at Air Repair Pros, our furnace tune-up services include:

  • Checking heat operations
  • Thermostat calibration
  • Checking electrical connection
  • Inspection of the pilot system
  • Testing limit and safety switches
  • Cleaning burners
  • Clean and replace filters
  • Heater maintenance

FurnacE Tune-up Services

Calling a professional HVAC contractor to come out and perform heater maintenance will ensure the system runs smoothly and functions correctly. It means testing the burners in your furnace to ensure they are lighting properly without causing any yellow flames. The purpose is to make sure the furnace turns on at the correct temperature.

The primary reason to get furnace tune-up services is to fix the problem associated with the system. For instance, if your furnace is not heating properly, it means the system has problems.

It becomes a huge problem in the cold nights when your home does not get warm air and you need it desperately. So, getting a professional furnace tune-up service can make sure the system works properly when you need it the most.

When a professional technician performs a tune-up on your furnace, he or she will clean and check various components of the heating system. Cleaning the furnace system prevents it from working too hard or burning out quickly.

When you hire the best furnace tune-up services, the technicians will clean and check the furnace for problems before they progress into larger and more dangerous issues.  For instance, when the technician inspects your gas burner on the furnace and finds out they are yellow instead of blue, it means the burners are not burning the natural gas completely.

If you ignore it, it can cause bigger problems, such as dangerous levels of carbon monoxide, which is a poisonous gas that can harm your health. Research shows that over 500 people die each year from the odorless and colorless gas.

Benefits of Heater Maintenance

Typically, furnace tune-up services cost something between $100 and $200. However, it saves your money in the long run by making sure that your heater is up and running. Research shows that in McKinney, TX, many homeowners call HVAC companies daily because of a lack of maintenance. The frequency of calls increases with the approach of the fall season.

If you neglect to maintain the heater or furnace system, you will end up spending thousands of dollars to have the system repaired or replaced. So, furnace tune-up services and heater maintenance services can save you a significant amount of money on the energy bills.

When your system is not properly cleaned, the switches are not operating properly, and the electrical connection is not tightened, your furnace will not function correctly. It means the heater will consume more energy to perform optimally. More energy consumption means higher energy bills.

Heater Maintenance ensures the furnace consumes less energy, which means lower energy bills. Also, you can decrease the energy bills by changing the air filter every 2-3 months. A dirty air filter can make the furnace work harder and consume more fuel.

Moreover, furnace tune-up services keep the HVAC system running longer. Cleaning or maintaining the heating component of your HVAC system can lead to the proper functioning and heat your home appropriately.

Without heater maintenance, the system works harder that can cause the parts to wear out quickly. Such problems also shorten the lifespan of your HVAC system, and you end up paying more on repair service. Also, sometimes, you may face a complete breakdown, which means you have to replace the entire system.

Air Repair Pros – Professional Furnace Tune-up Services

Air Repair Pros is one of the best companies in McKinney, TX. We have experienced, qualified, and licensed professionals who are trained to work on the furnace systems. We have served thousands of clients over the years.

Our technicians go by the book and follow the standards/protocols to diagnose the issues in the furnace system and come up with sophisticated solutions. Our furnace tune-up services is a bi-annual maintenance service that will keep the system up and running. Contact us today!

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