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Heating System Repair – Major Fixes


Most heating system repair service can fix minor problems of the furnace system. However, a furnace system can undergo major problems, such as a cracked heat exchanger, burnet circuit board, blown motor, and thermostat malfunction. It is important to hire a professional company that has experienced in fixing both minor and major problems associated with the furnace system.

To most homeowners in McKinney, TX, a furnace is one of those appliances that rarely needs repair service. Unfortunately, thousands of people will turn on their furnace systems this winter, only to find that it is not working properly. Air Repair Pros offers emergency HVAC services that help homeowners to overcome both minor and major problems.

In general, our company does not immediately recommend a new furnace installation or replacement. If you are facing major problems like malfunctioned parts, blown motor cracked heat exchanger; you need to hire a professional service that can take care of the furnace system adequately. Here are some of the major issues of a furnace system.

Cracked Heat Exchanger

Most homeowners do not realize the problem of cracked heat exchangers. It is one of the key components inside the unit. The function of the heat exchanger is to create a barrier between the burners and the air vents. However, the component can crack over time, especially when there is not enough insulation in the area around it.

A cracked heat exchanger can lead to many problems, such as blowing out the pilot light and contaminating the air with hazardous gases like carbon monoxide. This is harmful to you and your family’s health.

Inhaling carbon monoxide can lead to serious respiratory health conditions. Most homeowners in McKinney tend to repair the unit itself, which is a wrong practice and can lead to further problems.

So, if you want to avoid replacing the entire system due to a cracked heat exchanger, you must hire a reputable repair service. Air Repair Pros is a professional company with qualified technicians. Even if you want to fix the problem immediately, you can call Air Repair Pros. We offer emergency HVAC services at affordable prices.

Blown Motor

Like the air conditioning unit, the furnace system has a motor that drives hot air throughout the indoor space. Sometimes, the furnace system works with a blown motor. However, it is important to fix the problem as soon as possible before this component breaks down completely.

A broken motor will not run optimally and cause the furnace to consume more energy to work optimally. Similarly, it won’t maintain an optimal temperature inside your home. You can buy replace the old furnace with a new one. However, it will cost you between $500 and $1,000.

Unfortunately, most homeowners in McKinney can’t afford to buy a new furnace system. So, the best option is to call Air Repair Pros emergency HVAC services. We will send a technician to your home who will check the motor, find the problem, and fix it immediately.

In contrast, if the blown motor is irreparable, our technician will recommend you replace this part to make the system up and running again. Once you show consent for replacement, our technician will replace the part.

Burnt Circuit Board

The circuit board is the brain of the furnace system. It controls all operations of the heating system. The circuit board sends electrical signals throughout the furnace system, including the motor and the fan blades. Its primary function is to keep everything synchronized.

The component can undergo several problems and the biggest among them is an electrical shock, which leads to a burnt circuit board. It can misfire and cause the system to run inefficiently. A severe problem can make the furnace system to stop working completely.

For some homeowners, it is easy and affordable to replace the circuit board. However, for many others, the replacement can cost up to $500. That’s why most people look for cheap emergency HVAC services. Remember, a company that claims to offer cheap repair service can further complicate the issues.

On the other hand, Air Repair Pros have technicians who are well-aware of the electrical components of the furnace system, including the circuit board. Our company does not offer cheap services, but we do offer high-quality repair services at the most competitive prices.

Final Words

Air Repair Pros has been serving the people of McKinney for many years. Our company is growing rapidly because every year, we have more and more people calling for McKinney TX heating system repair services. Contact us today!

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