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Your Trusted Air Conditioner Service in Lewisville TX


Your trusted air conditioner service in Lewisville TX offers installation, repair, and maintenance service at the most affordable prices. A central AC system is an important component for cooling your home. When considering AC system installation, repair, and maintenance, you need to estimate the cost of the central AC installation or repair project.

Understanding how much a new AC system costs and what to expect with the central AC installation process, our air conditioner service in Lewisville TX is a qualified contractor that will provide you with all the essentials to get the best Return on Investment (ROI).

Air Condition Installation in Lewisville TX

Central AC system requires a high degree of knowledge training, and experience to proper installation. The condenser and the evaporator are the main components of the central AC system. Therefore, special training and the right tools are needed to service them.

Choosing the right central AC contractor like Air Repair Pros is as significant as choosing the best central AC system. Air Repair Pros is licensed and insured. We have vetted all of our technicians to provide you with the best installation service.

Air Repair Pros is a local and licensed full-service AC installation contractor. We do background checks on our technicians who will come to your home and install the central AC. Our technician will ensure:

  • An energy-efficient installation
  • Safety Considerations for the central AC
  • Find a proper location to connecting the AC System with the ductwork
  • Configure the length of the refrigerant line
  • Connect the electrical lines
  • Remove impurities from the refrigerant lines
  • Connect the thermostat
  • Run a test to ensure everything is functioning properly

Air Conditioning Repair in Lewisville TX

The best air conditioner service in Lewisville TX can repair any component of the central AC system. These include air blower, air condenser, HVAC fan, air compressor, AC thermostat, and filter.

Our technicians have excellent mechanical and electrical knowledge. They are trained to diagnose the problem adequately and go by the book to come up with solutions that will make the AC system perform much better and last longer.

Air Repair Pros is open seven days a week. We provide 24/7 emergency air conditioning repair in Lewisville TX. If you want to ensure that your central AC system is in the working order during the hot summer, we proudly offer cooling precision tune-up and troubleshoot any potential AC system problems.

When our technician completes the AC inspection, we will provide you with a detailed writing report regarding its status. We will also make recommendations for improving the comfort level and repair any defective component of the AC system.

If your central AC system has the following problems, you can call Air Repair Pros, which is the best air conditioner service in Lewisville TX.

  • No airflow
  • AC is blowing warm air
  • Unusual AC sounds
  • Unpleasant odors
  • Malfunctioning thermostat
  • Humidity in the home
  • Moisture leaks
  • AC leaking water

Different components of the AC system cause these problems. Our technician will carefully examine the system, diagnose the issue, and repair the defective part to make the AC up and running again.

Air Conditioning Maintenance in Lewisville TX

The air conditioner service in Lewisville TX also offers regular maintenance services that will increase the life of your central AC system. Our qualified and experienced technicians will check system function and safety controls of the AC system. We also adjust the operating sequence where necessary. Our technicians maintain your central AC system through:

  • Inspection of electrical components and connections.
  • Inspection of pumps, lubricate motors, belts, etc.
  • Change dirty air filters to ensure proper airflow.
  • Examine the belts and adjusting or aligning them.
  • Clean and balanced blowers.
  • Clean outside fins and coils.
  • Check burner assembly
  • Check refrigerant levels

Air Repair Pros is a licensed Air Conditioning Repair in Lewisville TX. Besides installation and repair, we also do preventive maintenance, which provides many more benefits to the homeowner.

Comfort: With regular air conditioner service in Lewisville TX, there are no or fewer AC system failures. Preventive maintenance also enhances the life of the equipment. We keep your AC system in shape, which means it will stand longer.

Savings: Our maintenance service is affordable than other companies in Lewisville TX. We focus on higher efficiency, contractor offers/discounts, and less utility overpayment.

Priority: Customers who have a maintenance agreement with our company generally receive priority service.

Continuity: Our qualified technicians to get assigned the same customers. This way, you will feel comfortable with the repairman working on the AC unit. Likewise, our technicians can become very much familiar with the AC unit.

If you need AC installation, repair, and maintenance services, you can call Air Repair Pros – your professional air conditioner service provider in Lewisville TX that has the experience, skills, and knowledge.

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